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Just for fun and curiosity, reblog this with the first Nancy Drew game you ever played! :)








Mine was Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Legend of the Crystal Skull. For that reason, it remains my favorite.

Message in a Haunted Mansion may have been the first one I started, but Stay Tuned For Danger was the first one I got into. 

TRT. :)

Treasure in the Royal Tower and remains my favorite.

Message in a Haunted Mansion

The Final Scene. I saw the Nick booty, before I even knew it existed.

The Creature of Kapu Cave. It got stuck in my computer for a few years until I realized computers can’t actually eat discs and it was just stuck in there.




Captain Bat

Green Wolverine

Captain Crawler


Flash Hulk


Yo so can I just say Flash Hulk is the most terrifying thing in the world? See, Flash isn’t just super fast. He can also process information at the same speed that he runs at. Essentially, he’s a fucking super computer when it comes to that stuff. Now let’s apply that to Bruce Banner is we assume that he is in control of his Hulk powers. Can you imagine the terror of a hulking genius (pun intended) who runs faster than mach 5 and can process information at the same pace? Can we appreciate how utterly horrifying this would be?

(Source: hewasnumber001)



Things Lois Lane does not envy Wonder Woman:

  • Her friendship with Superman. Lois knows that they’re close friends and nothing more, and that her own relationship with Clark is deep and pure.
  • Her power and respect. Wonder Woman has earned that and more.

Things Lois Lane does envy Wonder Woman:

  • That goddamn lasso
  • Why do you even need a truth lasso Diana
  • Think of all the stories she could get with that thing goddammit
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